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Cast Your Lead is a Dorset-based casting instruction service catering for everyone from beginners to experienced anglers.

Cast Your Lead angling coaching is provided by owner Colin “Crack off” Olver, an angling expert with over 30 years experience


Colin is based in Dorset and specialises in giving casting instruction to anglers of all abilities. From beginners who are just starting out in the sport, to more experienced anglers who wish to learn more advanced casting techniques, Cast Your Lead coaching is suitable for anglers of all ages and abilities.


One-to-one lessons and group sessions are available, and we encourage anglers to get involved by uploading their own images and videos. You can also join in the conversation on our Facebook page.


For more information or to book a lesson, please contact us.

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Sometime last year Caroline Moon contacted me to inquire if I provided casting and fishing days as she had been into Chesil Bait and Tackle and they had recommended me.

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I cant believe that its been that long since I updated my blog so I will have to delve into my memory banks and see what I can remember about the last 6 months.

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Talent Pathway 2015

The Talent Pathway is run in conjunction with the Angling Trust and its objective is to look for and encourage young anglers to have the opportunity to fish for England either home or in foreign lands.

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Long Rods

Call me old fashioned but I have fished with a Zziplex rod and the reel down the butt, which suited my casting and fishing style for many years. However a revolution is going on in the pleasure angling scene.

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Coming events


Start time 9.30am and limited to 10 anglers. An opportunity for people wishing to improve their casting skills and meet other like minded anglers. Fishing will be encouraged between sessions and into darkness. Total cost for the day £20 per head please contact the Facebook page to book your place

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