2 go wild at Chesil!

Once a year myself and my fishing buddy Sally spend a few weeks in Ireland, however due to weddings and other family duties this had to be put on hold this year so all we could manage was a few days Cod chasing on the famous Chesil Beach.

With recent reports of catches of 31 Cod in a single session on the fishing forums our hopes were high for a couple to find their way to our hook baits . We made our way to the cottage which was to be our base and decided to fish Saturday night at Burton Bradstock as we thought the rest of Chesil would be rammed and it was as far as the eye could see there were anglers lights even BB was busy.

So we sent up 2 rods each with rag lug blacks crab sandeel and waited for the first bite it didn’t take long and guess what it was a dogfish! Followed by double shots of whiting up to 1.5lb all good fun and a good start to our few days fishing in fact this continued for most of the evening and by the end we were whiting out!!!!!

Sunday the weather was good with a nice breeze off the land which made the HSM bend and helped the leads on their way loaded with lug and squid. The beach was empty for a Sunday so we could fish the “clay” however we struggled into darkness with only Whiting to show for our efforts.

Monday we picked day time because of the tides and also with the settled weather the sea was calm and clear so we aimed for the plaice as this time of year they are big and fat ready for spawning. We fished a mark between abbotsbury and bexi away from the masses that even for a Monday we’re chasing the cod near the walkway by the car park! Again we had a nice day with a few small plaice to show and the doggies and whiting as we were away from the crowds we thought we would fish there again the next day.

Tuesday dawned with clear water so plaice was the target again however when we arrived at our chosen mark somebody else had beaten is to it and parked in the only place available, so change of plan , back to the cottages . In the past I have always had a few plaice from this mark as rumour has it there is a mussel bed just of shore which the plaice feed on. We set up there with a couple other anglers on our left, although it was very good conditions nobody told the PLaice, after a few hours of cast and recast plain leads so,they rolled about we heard a shout from our fellow anglers, now to be fair the gear they were using was not state of the art and they we casting perhaps 80 yards with rag and squid tip. So imagine my shock as they lifted up this huge flatfish I grabbed my camera and went over and lying on the shingle was one of the biggest shore caught plaice I have ever seen it weight nearly 5lb, so I took some pictures for the angler who was also called Colin these are on my Facebook page!!!! Just to rub salt into the wound another angler turned up first cast bang a 6lb COD what were we doing wrong!

Left there at dusk with little or nothing to show for our efforts

Wednesday and we made an early start to get back to our peaceful mid mark ,although I really wanted to try the cottages again however I was overruled . We fish 8 hours for plaice and dogs very hard going.

All in all though it was a great few days out on the shingle it suprised me how many people fish Chesil all round the clock, I think the cod are few and far between and you have to put the hours in day and night to catch them. Then one bit of luck we did have was that on the Wednesday night when we loaded up the car neither of us noticed that Sally had left her rods and beach buddy on the shingle !!!! We only noticed the next morning they were not in the car so I rushed back to the mark we were and thank fully they were still there .

I matched the HSM and the Vmax together with 7ht mags and 125 and 150 grm leads and was putting the bait a good distance , perhaps to far. So although chesil beat us this time I will back soon to have another go


Colin "Crack off" Olver

Wed, Oct 5, 2016

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