A day with the dream machines

As the builders were working at home I thought it was a good idea to escape for a few hours on chesil after early very early plaice!!!!

Armed with the dream machines special match and Gsi I hit the shingle near the clay beds at bexi with various baits including crabs black lug and squid. The 7HT mag and a 140 gm lead on a dropper rig on the special match and a dvice on the Gsi . Both rods are over 25 years old and have been rebuilt recently although a bit more chunky than modern rods they both have brilliant fishing tips and are a dream to fish with.

From the start it was a whiting fest with both rods nodding well with perhaps the dvice rig catching more than the standard rig range was in the region of 100yds into a brisk wind.

The more I use the dvice the better I like it it puts a large squid bait or in this case a crab a good distance without having the bait wobble in the cast and I think because of its shape it flies better into the wind and it also planes to the surface on retrieve .

That’s how it continued for the session at one stage I thought I was into something decent when the dvice rod kicked and I struck and the rod bent over in a nice curve however with lack of fight I had thoughts of the famous chesil plastic bags!! It turned out to be a ball of nylon with 3 leads wrapped up in it so that was a plus

All in all a good session no plaice but it is January still however with reports of turbot being caught and plaice in Weymouth harbour you never know what is about.


Colin "Crack off" Olver

Wed, Oct 5, 2016

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