A few whiting at Abbotsbury

I took the break in the weather to beach test a couple of 6500 mk2 sports rockets that I have recently had a mono mag fitted to by Russ at Blackdog tackle

These reels I have had for sometime and always run them with a small block inserted . Even with this set up the reel is running on the edge and is not to be used while demonstrating the pendulum cast to a group of anglers!!

So I sent the side plate off to Russ who fitted it and returned it within a short space of time. I am not that technical but basically the knob is screwed through the plate which works a single magnet inside the reel . The tighter the knob is screwed the nearer the magnet is to the reel which slows the reel down. The field casters then wind off the magnet once the lead is on its way so the spool should run a bit faster and gain these casters extra yards. I not sure if in fishing mode this happens.

The reason for me going down this route was so that I would be able to adjust the mag to suit the conditions so I could cast into the wind with the magnets set for safety.

As luck would have it of course the weather at Abbotsbury was nice and calm with a gentle wind from my left hardly testing conditions.

To cut a long story short I set up the reel on the Zziplex HSM with a simple dropper rig and ragworm
and a simple OTG to start with. The lead sailed away to about the 100 yd mark with the reel very slow however during the course of the session every other cast I backed the mags off a turn just to see how far I could get before the reel became “lively “. I got down as far as one turn away from off before things got a bit hairy.

Through out the session the reel performed well with no hint of line lift even with the mags turned right off and towards the end I was getting about 140yds with bait mind you the wind did help me a bit.

In conclusion I think the new set up does give me extra distance as well as extra confidence to hit the rod a bit harder in the knowledge that it will be safe whatever the conditions

Oy yesI did get some nice whiting as well while testing!!!!


Colin "Crack off" Olver

Wed, Oct 5, 2016

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