A New Beginning

Its mid febuary and the weather has been appauling for the last 2 months with storm after storm wrecking damage on my local beaches.

Chesil has been smashed and is flat the same can also be said of Milford Shingle Bank and perhaps most beaches in between, the landscape of local fishing beaches has been changed.

People have been saying that the fishing will take years to recover from this and they may well be right. I remember back when we had the “Michael Fish” storm that it ripped the lug beds out of chesil in fact the following morning the beach had lug worms on it as far as you could see rather like Dungerness was last week. The dabs also disappeared and its only been in the last few years they have started to return in any numbers.

However my own view is that these storms could well be a great challenge to us beach fisherman, yes the beaches may have changed the hotspots may have gone the gulleys may have moved, the clay beds on chesil may have been ripped up but what an opportunity to get out and plot new marks. Why not visit those beaches that you thought were rubbish to see what they are like now, you never know what you will find. Have your own favourite marks changed , I fish and know Southbourne quite well and Im sure when I get down there with a plain lead and have a few casts I will find the sea bed has changed and the features have either gone or are under tons of sand and stones.

Will the changed beaches effect the match fisherman? AS we know at club level most matches are not pegged and over the years you get to know where the “hotspot” is on match venue and you try and camp yourself in that area. Now those spots may well have gone or moved and new ones formed, will that effect results as the anglers perhaps start on a more level playing field or will the class angler always come out on top. Time will tell.

So dont be negative regarding the damage being done to your local mark look at it as a challenge once its safe to do so get back out there and keep an open mind try the places you thought were rubbish in the past they may well be the local hotspot now!



Colin "Crack off" Olver

Wed, Oct 5, 2016

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