Ah sole!!!!

Once again it was time to fish the next round of the clubs doubles league this time Solent road around to Hengistbury head. We of course started our planning for the match in the local pub over a glass of Stella!!!

We have fished this league for a couple of years with not a lot of success as we or I tend to use a big bait instead of scratching around with small baits and hooks chasing anything with fins!!!

For this match we changed tactics to small hooks and fluorocarbon on flapper and hook rigs with worm baits. The sea was a nice brown colour stirred up by a brisk breeze with a high tide due about 8.30 pm.

So out goes the baits Sally was fishing in close and I as always gave it a bit of stick and fished a bit further out. There was a bit of weed around and Sally’s line was caught in it just as it got dark so she left it so swing about in the surf at last it was bait change time and low and behold she pulled in a sizeable double shot of sole!!!! They went in the bucket and out she went again on her flapper rig seeing the fish were in close I recast into the same area and was rewarded with a undersized sole that was returned.Sally had another larger sole and I had another one which made the bucket!

So we were happy that we didn’t blank and also we would get at least 2 points and if we had Beaten our latest foe then the extra point would be ours. At the weigh in a few fishing were caught a few macki and scad and bass our opponents had left early and he had a weight of just over a 1lb we placed the soles onto the scales and we had the same weight so we shared the points!!!!

All in all it was A good nights sport and a good laugh we were the only ones in our section to weigh in so perhaps there is some merit in using smaller baits and hooks we will look forward to the next round at Milford Shingle Bank and try and maintain our mid table position


Colin "Crack off" Olver

Wed, Oct 5, 2016

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