At Last

I have been involved in a lot of coaching over the last month or so and I thought that at some stage somebody would turn up with a Zziplex HSM for me to try before I buy one after reading how good they are.

So imagine my surprise and delight when I met Mark today and he took a HSM out of his rod bag and a top of the range Diawa reel and put that on the bottom of the butt! a perfect combination .

I took a look at Marks cast which was very fast and he was not letting the rod load before powering into the cast so we went back to OTG with the inside lead lay out and once we made a few adjustments the lead was really going out to sea well with less power than his normal style.

Next we added a swing and tried to slow the whole cast down so the rod would load before he put the power in. After a few false starts Mark really slowed his cast down and even with the mags on max it was going a fair way and under complete control. We next back off the mags and got down to 4 and the lead was going even further!

So I had a cunning plan to put my rocket on his HSM just to see how he cast that!!(of course) and put a 4ozs lead and cast and it went just as far as the 5oz and with a relaxed style so all in all a good session . Mark enjoyed it his cast is now much slower and it goes a very long way with less power now and more control.

Session over my turn at last to try the HSM first impression was that it felt a bit bottom heavy but looked like it had a great fishing tip. It felt stiffer than the vmax2 so let’s swing the lead and see how it goes .

The lead climbed into the backswing turn head and a gentle hit it went away well but felt more stiffer than I am use to. However the more I used it and the later I hit it the better it felt so its a rod I have to grow into . Will I buy one watch this space.


Colin "Crack off" Olver

Wed, Oct 5, 2016

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