Bad Habits!

When I first started coaching I took a note book with me   so I could write down all the issues anglers had with their casting. As it  turned out this was unnecessary as I soon realised that the majority of anglers all make the same mistakes! Let me go through a few and see if you recognise any of them in relation to your own casting

1 Equipment- It is a common problem that anglers use rods that are far to stiff for them. Times out of number we have struggled during a session and I let the angler use my softer rods and hey instant  20 yds . Now they have a rod they can bend I know its an old saying but "If you cant bend it you cant send it". Also it is common to see mulitplers OVER filled with line and Fixed Spools UNDER filled with heavy line and in a few cases no shock leader 

2. Head position - A lot of anglers look straight  out to sea when the cast causing the lead to go to the left. You must look up and to the right of centre and keep looking up and you will see the lead in your eye line . Like most sports the head rules

3.Left Hand- Again and you see this a lot on the beaches and videos, anglers do not use their left hand to pull the rod through they just punch as hard as they can with the right hand . The left hand should finish tight into the chest if the cast ends with the left hand away from the chest then its odds on that the right has done all the work and the left has collapsed .

4. Power- Perhaps the biggest mistake anglers make is to use all their power way to soon. The overhead thump normally goes 80 yds ish with brute force because you are using YOUR power to bend the rod and therefore at the end of the cast nothing is left to use. However if we can make the rod work by using techinque and then we put the power in as late as possible that is where the distance comes from. With the current use of Conti style rods and fixed spool reels with thin line same rules apply give the rod time to bend before you put the power in rather than just hitting it from word go.

5 Pendulum Swing- Another favourite mistake of anglers is to use their right arm to bring the lead back (also called chasing the lead) it is the logical thing to do but it ruins your pendulum cast. The right hand must stay straight an act as a fulcum the push DOWN with the bottom (left hand) brings the lead back and out of sight then you need to wait wait and wait some more give the lead time to climb and go above the tip ring before you start the cast. Have you ever felt you were casting a brick? then you are starting the cast to early, keep hitting the ground ? then again you are starting the cast to early you have much more time than you think once the lead passes you and above your head.   

6 Conclusion - The above are the most common mistakes I see once these are put right then the angler improves his distance as does his fishing potential . IF the angler moves to the Pendulum Cast. I say IF because a lot of anglers are quite happy casting off the ground as with practise you can put your bait 125yds plus do you need much more than that? I find myself using the Brighton Cast more and more these days and at night casting into a stiff wind and its cold its an advantage to just lay it out and pull it through.perhaps I am getting lazy in my old age  

If you have any questions regarding  the above or casting in general just post on the site or better still send me a video of your cast

See you on the beach soon   




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