Bexington is the plaice to be

With the weather finally looking good and reports of plaice at bexington I loaded up the Honda got a few worms and headed west in search of the red spots

On arrival it was nice to see the beach was empty apart from a few macki bashers so loaded up with gear and started the walk to the famous clay mark. The sea was clear and sun was out lets hope the plaice are there

I was fishing with a pair of dream machines matched with a pair of 7hts mag and I must say that despite being an ABU man the more I use the mags the more I like them you can mis time a cast and these reels adjust themselves to compensate. One rod had a 2 hook loop rig baited with rag the other had a dropper rig with lug.

Many anglers have their own ideas of the best tide to fish Chesil I have found over the years I have had a lot of fish about one hour either side of low would today be the same. The first fish arrived while I was retrieving to rebait and yes it was a mackerel and in fact this went on for most of the session soma bucket full of them was a bonus!

Soon with the tide approaching low the plaice and dabs came on the feed and funny enough they all came to the top hook of the loop rig on rag the only fish on the lug dropper was a doggie in daylight in a clear sea. Ended up with 5 keeper plaice although only took the 2 larger ones home to eat a load of macki for the winter dabs and a doggie all in all good fun for a short session as soon as the tide started to run then the fish went off the feed.

A couple of lessons learnt that if you weren’t on the clay beds you weren’t on the fish and that the low tide theory worked again however other anglers will tell you differently some say it doesn’t matter what the tide is doing as long as you are in a fish holding area, ah the joy of fishing!!!


Colin "Crack off" Olver

Wed, Oct 5, 2016

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