Braid and pop ups

Once again it was the doubles round 5 this time we were at Steamer Point nr Highcliffe

The Globe Inn was the venue for our team talk and the tactics were agreed. We both were going to fish long rods with fixed spool me with braid and Sally with mono traces were going to have pop ups and target the mackie. There had been a couple of comps within the last week were mackie were caught using these tactics so we thought we would copy .

It was a great evening perfect conditions so hopes were high however although a few mackies were caught in fact lee who fishes the beach in matches on a regular basis was pegged next door to us and he managed 2 fish at dusk and a few other teams had an odd fish but generally the results were poor.

Sally had a couple of bites halfway through the match but failed to hook up and I yet again didn’t have a touch all night although I fished at all ranges

What was interesting was that those anglers that fish matches and use long rigs and pop ups as the norm caught the most fish so perhaps it goes to show that if you are a regular on the match scene then you learn when and how to fish the beach and you build up a local knowledge of the local beaches .


Colin "Crack off" Olver

Wed, Oct 5, 2016

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