Chesil and Cod fishing

From the end of August anglers, fishing magazines and tackle shops gear up in anticipation of the cod arriving on Chesil Beach. Summer anglers put away their long conti rods and polish up their "proper" beachcaster and multipliers reels.

I am no expert on catching cod on chesil but i can make a few observations regarding these prize fish

Although you read and see many pictures of cod caught from chesil on social media and the angling grapevine is in over drive my view is that about 5% of anglers catch 95% of the cod on chesil. The place is fished 24/7 along its total length and to be successful you need to put the hours in unless you strike lucky . Cod can turn up anywhere on the bank and  anglers have  their own hotspots and tide variations .

I like to fish low tide up  to high and find 2 hours after low water good for me .Another major factor is the weather, anglers will always look out for a good gale coming from the south or south west to churn up the water and get the fish on the feed however as I write we have had a period of light winds and calm seas and cod are still being caught . However the locals do have an advantage as they can turn up and fish when they think the condtiomns are perfect.

Although darkness is supposed to be the more productive   on Chesil many cod are caught in daylight with a single worm bait on calm days . Although whiting also arrive in the winter in their 1000s combine that with dogfish and the night sessions soon become a battle to keep these fish at bay so the cod can find the bait. Another alternative when this happens is to use the whiting as a live bait as many Cod are caught on whiting that have taken the anglers baits and then the cod takes the whiting.

As for bait most anglers use Lugworm, Squid, hermits perhaps but I think that the cod will not turn its nose up at anybait that it comes accross.Distance casting comes into its own in the rough weather if you have the power to get the lead past the surf and into the calmer water beyond this stops your line being buried in the shingle.

In conclusion although many cod are caught from Chesil it is certainly not the case of just turning up and catching them a lot of hours and hard work are needed to catch them  on a reqular basis



Colin "Crack off" Olver

Fri, Oct 21, 2016

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