Clyde and Caroline's Casting day

Sometime last year Caroline Moon contacted me to inquire if I provided casting and fishing days as she had been into Chesil Bait and Tackle and they had recommended me.

He husband Clyde had wanted to learn the pendulum cast for some time but had never mastered it and she would like to “Buy” me as his birthday present ! After several emails I sent her a voucher that she could present to him on his birthday.

So after a couple of false starts due to the weather we finally met up at Cogden for the day. On arrival at their camper van a nice cup of tea was offered and accepted and we started talking about all things fishy. We loaded up all the gear and started the walk down the track to the shingle . We hit the shingle about 8.45am on a clear but crisp sun lit morning only a few anglers were already there.

WE set up a base camp and Clyde who admits to being a bit of a tackle tart took out his Zziplex M247 SU and penn multiplyer with it clamped to the bottom of the butt he also had some lighter rods with him. These comprised of a Vercelli Enygma and a Century Blackbird (I think) both rung for fixed spool work. I had my tronixpro Skyline and a 30 year old Zziplex GS special match with a 6500 rocket on the butt.

As people who know me know I always start my sessions looking at the anglers current set up and style, I did think that Clyde would struggle with the M247 and his penn so it didnt suprise when he showed me his casting style which to be honest was a bit of a powerful thrash! He soon had a crack off after which I suggested that he used a lighter set up and a fixed spool as then he could concentrate on his style without having to check his reel every cast this way his confidence will grow. I explained and demonstrated that you dont need to thrash beach rods in fact the object is to make the rod do the work and not you!!!

So we kept at the OTG for quite a while slowing Clyde down and putting the power in late and you will see from the video on my webpage how he got on with that. Give him his due he really worked hard and he thought that he had added 30 to 40 yds to this simple OTG cast.

So it was mid afternoon that I suggest we LOOKED at the Pendulum cast and I did a short demo of an easy fishing pendulum cast. This was really what Clyde was wanting to do but until the OTG is solid then learning the pendulum is more difficult. After all the pendulum is just the OTG cast with a swing however a lot of people struggle with the swing as you will see again on the video its the top hand movement that causes most of the problems it must remain straight and not drift back otherwise you are in the wrong position for the next stage of the cast.

Although the results are not on the video Clyde stuck at it and just before we left the swing was going well and he was developing a nice relaxed Pendulum cast.

I few interesting things came out of the day we talked a lot about rods and reels and although Clyde fishies the heavy stuff around were he lives I still think that the Zziplex is a bit too powerful for him. I had a go with it and the first cast I hit too early and it nearly cast me the second cast was much better and the power went in much later and the rod went well but as I said to Clyde I bet him that if he goes in a field with Zziplex and his Penn together with his Tip tornado Match and 7ht the light more forgiving rod with cast further, we will see what happens

All in all we had a great day Clyde learned a few tips and caught fish while Caroline enjoyed the banter and the sun. Thank you for a great day as well as the hot dogs and cider.

PS As always we have to have a debrief on the day which took place in the 3 Horseshoes in Burton Bradstock they have a new beer on tap in there its called Beachcaster and very nice it was eh Clyde!!!!!


Colin "Crack off" Olver

Wed, Oct 5, 2016

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