Cold evening at Southbourne

Neither of us had been out for a while so Barry and I agreed to meet for a few hours at Southbourne to catch some whiting and if you believe the grapevine some codling!!!

Barry had bought himself a 16ft Fishtec fixed spool rod that he was dying to try out and I have been working on a bit more left hand pull in my cast as I notice my left hand was getting lazy and not doing much in the cast.

We had an array of bait I was using squid in a dvice and a sandeel on an up and over rig which was blasted . Barry was using some lug and squid on his two rods , to cut a long story short the fishing was very slow Barry had a flounder in close and a whiting and a pout I had a couple of nice Sized whiting as the night went on it became very cold which we stood until about 10pm and then headed for the warm of home


Colin "Crack off" Olver

Wed, Oct 5, 2016

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