Doggies at Highcliffe

A lot of rumours have been flying about regarding Rays being caught east of Bournemouth so when I had a call from my buddy Barry to try and find some I jumped at the chance

We went to a mark I have not fished for a while just to see what was about, it was a nice mild evening and to start with there was not any weed about.

We fished 2 rods each with all types of baits and at all different ranges but apart from the 2 dogfish that I had and Barry had 2 whiting it was a poor evening fish wise and not a hint of a Ray. However after the tide turned at about 9 pm the weed arrived so we left the beach about 10.30 pm.

So the hunt for a decent ray goes on I will try nearer home tonight as the tides look to be good and I have earned brownie points this week so I am allowed out 2 nights in a row!!!!!



Colin "Crack off" Olver

Wed, Oct 5, 2016

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