Double Dykes and Hengistbury Head

Most of the information for Southbourne would also apply to Double Dykes and Hengistbury head but with a few important differences!

In recent years parking has been stopped in the evenings so that you have to leave the venue before they lock the access gate at 10pm otherwise you can’t move your car, there is a large car park which is expensive during the holiday season.

The water at Double Dykes is deeper than along Southbourne and due to the parking issue is not fished as much again in years gone by this section up to the head was a great match venue.

The choice marks are under the coastguard hut on the head where I have head some nice codling and bass and the famous “wrasse beds” mark many a match or open compertion has been won from here. Due to the changes made in the beach and the effect of longshore drift I am not sure if this mark has been buried under a mountain of sand , it used to consist of aa patch of rocks about 100 mtrs from the long stone groyne where the wrasse lived within casting range.

The flat stone groyne is a haven for the float and spinning angler as garfish mackerill pollack and some large bass as well as other rock fish, many anglers ride bikes down to the mark from Hengistbury head car park at dawn it’s about a mile pedal!!

Next we come to the Beach Hut section which on its day can fish well ,it is a long track down there but a noddy train is available to take you down there. In early season Plaice can show here it is don’t a deep water Venue in fact it’s shallow sandy bottom with small rock patches there is also a small reef that runs out from the shore under the cliffs. These patches hold food for fish and cod to 30lb have been caught here as well as large Bass in close, although crabs can be a problem in spring and summer


Colin "Crack off" Olver

Wed, Oct 5, 2016

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