Doubles Match 2

The venue for the 2nd match of the series was Milford Shingle Bank one of my favourite venues(not).

My fishing partner Sally was unavailable due to work so the prospects of team crack off scoring points were not very good. The evening didn’t start very well when instead of going to the pub first as I was Billy no mates I thought i would buy a can of beer and watch the sun go down however the shop in Milford wanted “£2.40 for a can that I pay £1.40 for at home!!!!

For the second match in row I was early for the walk off which was a surprise for everybody. My plan was to fish the same area as we had fished last year where Sally had bailed us out with some dogfish. The buzz was that dogfish were the target fish with perhaps some early garfish or a smut making up the catch. I could fish 2 rods with no more than 3 hooks in total between them so I had a 2 hook loop rig on the HSM with sand-eel and bluey and crab on the Primo.

From the off it was clear there was a lot of weed in the water I was fishing on the end peg to the right of the rocks so didn’t have to walk that far however some of the teams walked up to near the castle! Reports came back that so far half way through the match and only one dogfish was caught but as the light was going and then the weed stopped it looked like the last hour of the match would be the best.

About 10pm with an hour left the HSM nodded I was having conversation with another angler at the time so just left the rod to fish, after he had left I picked up the rod and felt some weight could it be weed! No I felt a kick, fish on, no surprise it was a dogfish so at least 2 points secured. I had it weighed by Doug who was the nearest angler 1lb 8 ozs so at least I have not blanked so that my partner cant give me stick for letting her down!!!

So its now getting to the last 30 minutes so re-bait and out for the last cast, 15 minute’s left and both rods are now going so its a choice to which one to look at first. I pick up the primo feel the bite and strike again fish on but disaster strikes half way in and all goes light fish gone,

The other rod has stopped now so its time to wind in and go to the weigh in at least the blank is saved, pick up the rod and feel weight must be the weed returning again half way in and I feel a kick and a dogfish appears on the shingle with its mouth full of sand eel , that also weighed 1lb 8ozs so a total weight of 3lb for the night 2 points or could it be 3 if i am lucky, off to the weigh in.

Most teams have fish our rivals only have one fish so we win!!!!!!!! 3 points so its a better start to the league this year lets hope we can keep it going, and it will at least keep my partner happy for a short time.



Colin "Crack off" Olver

Wed, Oct 5, 2016

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