Doubles Match 3

Once again for the 3rd match in the series I was without my fishing buddy but the venue was local at Southbourne between the end of the prom and the head the same area as the first match

I was again early for the walk off much to peoples surprise and at the allotted time we all walked or in my case drove to our fishing mark. Most of the teams went under the head chasing the wrasse and garfish. I had decided to fish the same mark as the first match and a few of the less mobile anglers also took the easy option. There was a nasty s/e wind blowing give the sea a bit of a lump so up with the shelter and out with 2 rods and 3 hooks between them. Target was perhaps turbot so the bait was sand-eel and bluey with rag on the smaller bottom hook of the loop rig. The other rod had a single hook with worm in close.

From the start it was a struggle with weed and the may bloom and until it got dark it was slow , but with the darkness also brought small fish with anglers catching pout rockling plaice sole mackerel garfish and a sizable bass. I had 3 pout of which only one was sizable all 2 ozs of it, however at the weigh in Tony Amos who I was fishing against and had done the walk to the wrasse beds also had a single pout but his weighed in 4 ozs.

So although we lost we would have settled for 2pts and the start of the match, the next one is end of June so hopefully the weather will be warmer and my fishing buddy will be back , so it will be back to late arrivals at the start of the match again.


Colin "Crack off" Olver

Wed, Oct 5, 2016

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