Doubles Match 4

The latest round of the Christchurch and District doubles league saw teams returning to MIlford Shingle Bank with everything to play for as the teams were all within 4 points of each other on the league table.

Team Crack Off now restored to a full strength started their quest for points at the Smugglers in Milford for a pint and to discuss our tactics and despite this arrived ready for the walk off at 6.45. On previous visits we had always fished to the right of the rocks while the real anglers walked towards the Castle . This time was no exception as we went on the hunt for Dogfish and perhaps some bream and smoothound, this time I noticed that a lot of anglers had also gone that way, some real big hitters where now looking to fish “OUR SPOT”.

WE had a few float rigs and washing line rigs as well as the normal casting rigs the wind was behind us so that made casting easier. The first concern was the amount of weed in the water thankfully there was very little. Chris was fishing to the left of us and he started off with a float rig so I followed with a washing line rig looking for some garfish but after an hour of watching a float drift around I decided to revert to type and fishing a loop rig with CRab and sand eel, while Sally had a 2 hook flapper with worm looking for anything with fins!!!!

Nothing much happened until the last hour of the comp when the fish came on the feed I had a few bites which resulted in a dogfish that weighed 1LB 5 ozs!! at least that was 2points in the bag!! Sally struggled, Along from us nearer the rocks some nice smoothounds were caught by two anglers that were fishing against each other. The losing team had a weight of just under 5 lb which on most occasions would be the heaviest weight of the match but not this time as their opponents had a bigger hound as well as a nice sole and dogs

Imagine my surprise when Keith read out the results, a fair few fish were weighed in, including garfish, pout, sole and plenty of dogs.Our opponent’s weighed in under a pound so in fact we won and picked up an extra point as winners. That win puts us in the top half I think which for us is good, however next week we fish against the leaders who have won all their matches as well as being reigning champs so perhaps our recent run of good form will end there, on the other hand you never know that’s the joy of fishing.


Colin "Crack off" Olver

Wed, Oct 5, 2016

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