Doubles match 7

This match was fished at the graveyard known as Highcliffe! None of the teams were looking forward to this as the area had been fishing very badly. The thoughts were of scratching for bream macki and garfish with the last hour in the dark would be the best time to catch.

Team crack off as always started in the Globe for our prematch talk on tactics!!! Which means very little however we found our mark and fished with floats and garfish rigs but the weed in the water made that style difficult. With an hour to go we were still bite less so I decided to put a 3 hooked clipped down rig with worm and give it some stick in pure desperation. With 20 minutes to go the first bite registered so I’m in no mans land now do I leave it or strike ? If I catch it then time is limited for another cast, or there might be a shoal so I sat on my hands until the last minute watching the rod bounce. Sally of course was going spare convinced that I should have wound in straight away, so if I miss this fish I will be in deep poo with her!!!!

However time to wind in pick up rod strike and fish on a little bit of weight and a nice fight on the way in hope it’s not undersized what ever it is , nearly in now so imagine my surprise when a double shot of bream appear at least that will be 2 points if nothing else.

At the weigh in all but 2 teams had fish which were made up of bream garfish and macki, our rival team only had a single bream so we gained 3 points. I’m glad I sat on my hands now and waited before winding in.

I did have a very senior moment, I think it was the shock of catching something , I left my bucket in the middle of the car park with my reels and rigs in it however lucky for me some of the guys picked it up and took it to Christchurch Angling Centre for me.



Colin "Crack off" Olver

Wed, Oct 5, 2016

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