Doubles Match 8

The latest round of our club doubles took place at Steamer Point on a nice hot summer evening.

As normal team crack off started their tactics meeting in the Globe for a nice pint or two. On arrival at the venue the sea was calm and it screamed macki and scad as we

are now armed with new gear to catch these fish our hopes were high.

Sally also had a longer rod and was going after the macki as were most of the other anglers around us. For the first hour we all struggled to find the fish it was very patchy with just the odd fish being taken.

Sally then started the ball rolling with a nice scad although she was getting some stick from the angler next to her as she was struggling to cast in a straight line !!!!. However she had saved us from a blank and she let me know about it!!!!

I couldn’t buy a bite I tried all tricks but nothing was interested Sally had a small smoothhound that was returned. It was now getting dark and still being bite less I changed tactics and put a flapper out with worm on soft pop ups fished at range. I was still bite less Sally had a sizeable Pout my rod was stationary.

Then the tip twitched and bent a bite at last I left it for a few minutes and then started to wind in fish on!!! In fact a double shot of sizable pout hit the beach, so we were now Level 2 sizable fish each with half an hour left I had another pout as did Sally so the team had 6 fish to weigh in would it be enough?

At the weigh in it was apparent that the fishing was patchy the winning weight was over 6lb of scad with an experienced team and a lot of ground baiting involved( next trick to learn). We had second top weight and are opponents on the night blanked.

So all in all a goodnight for us 3 points and a great evening to be out , I was a bit disappointed to miss out on the scad and more practice is needed with the longer rigs . So with 3 matches to go we are mid table and a much better performance than in recent years.


Colin "Crack off" Olver

Wed, Oct 5, 2016

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