Doubles Match One

The first match of this club comp kicked off on a nice but cool Monday evening where the 14 teams started their battles. Team Crack off this year was taking it a bit more seriously so much so we arrived at the booking in point EARLY from the Pub to make sure that we could walk off with the other teams to our “Hotspot”.

WE thought we had a bye in the first round which meant that all we had to do was to catch a sizable fish and get our three points for a win, this turned out not to be the case. The venue was end of prom to the head and the fishing had been very slow in that area however we knew a little hotspot.

The teams all walked or drove to their “Hotspots” with the younger anglers and those who knew what they were doing made for the wrasse beds under the head we of course were much nearer the car and hence less of a walk, we were not alone in doing this!!!!!! Thinking all we needed was a sizable fish we both used longer rods and fixed spools and 3 hook traces with size 4 hooks together with our latest purchase a new bait waiter so we could arrange our baits in a more professional way!!!!!!

The comp started at 7.30 so out went the hooks full of rag lug limpet only about 40 yds I had seen the england squad fish like this so if they are doing it this way it must be right. Low and behold a few mintues later I pull in a small flounder which is undersize that was all the action we had until it got dark and cold so much so I went back to the car for my coat. It was this time that Sally had her first bite which was a sizable pout, she is a great believer in catch and release so instead of putting the fish in her bucket ready for the weigh in she had it weighed by Andy who was fishing nearby and then returned the fish to whence it came. It was then she was told that in fact another team had joined the league and therefore no one had byes so we were against another team!!!! It took a bit of believing that while I had been away getting my coat and talking to some of the guys as you do she had caught a fish weighed it and put it back, I thought she was winding me up and had to check with Andy!


Sally then caught another undersized pout and in a desperate attempt to catch a larger fish I put out a turbot bait as a few had been taken in the area however that failed as well so the match ended at 11 it was a poor night allround not much taken in our section we perhaps had more than most. Didn’t stay for weigh in as was a bit p—-d off by the bye thing but anyway life is to short. However we did lose to the other team but still gained 2 points which was better than some had and perhaps this long rod revolution might improve out catch.


The next round is at Milford Shingle bank so lets hope for some better action there is a short video on www, facebook page of the start of the match for those who want a laugh as my partner doesnt like her photo taken so when she finds this I will be in so much trouble!!!!!!!!!!!! Perhaps that will teach her to catch more fish than me (again)


Colin "Crack off" Olver

Wed, Oct 5, 2016

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