Dungeness in the Storms

Having built up a few brownie points for a few days fishing I contacted Si Newman at his B&B in Dungeness to see how the area was fishing and did he have any rooms available. HIs Castaways B&B is situated 2 casts aways from the water in a good position to fish the famous point on Dungie.

We were in luck the bass fishing had been good and a FEW cod had been taken the tides were right and so was the weather so off we went on the 3 hour drive.

For a video account of our 3 days please look at http://www.castyourlead.com however I thought I would share a number of things we learnt!!! Our B&B was superb Si and family were the perfect hosts and his knowledge of the area is second to none he even joined us on a couple of trips, and the breakfast he served up kept us going for most of the day!

THe area we fished was rather like Chesil with deep water and strong tides but a 6 ozs lead held out on most days, the bait that Si arranged for us was from Timthebass and it was superb so much so I purchased 100 lug to bring home to freeze for the rest of the winter.

WE fished basic 4/0 pennel rigs on 70lb snoods which we found didnt kink with all the whiting action we had. The wind had stired up the water to a nice brown colour which really screamed Bass and COD and a number of anglers from all over the UK were out chasing them. The fish were being taken in at close range as well as distance and if fact Sally caught more fish within 30 yds as I did at 100 yds do I never learn.

We fished most times just round from the point so we had protection from the strong winds as the point itself was unfishable,although the weed was not to bad. On our last night Si took us nearer the point as the wind had dropped and it was fairly busy there, and it was here that we saw the only Cod of our trip caught by our host. He uses 8/0 hooks because any thing smaller and you hook the whiting, he also makes up big sausage type baits of Lug and cuttle fish.

WE will certainly return to Castaways BB next year perhaps in November as the Cod have perhaps not yet hit the shoreline although they are just off shore as the boats are catching them. I was expecting a lot of tackle losses but up until the last evening on the point I didnt lose any but at the hotspot a lot of lost gear is lying out there and its a matter of luck if you get snagged or not.

So once again thanks to Simon for all his help and Im sure we will be seeing you again and once again do battle in the hope we can find MR Cod.


Colin "Crack off" Olver

Wed, Oct 5, 2016

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