Final Doubles Match 2013

Avon beach was to be the venue of the last match of this current year and we were against our arch rivals MO and Keith however only MO was fishing the match. Our cunning plan was to meet Mo in the pub as it was the last match get her less than steady and then take three points from her!!!

It was a cold crisp night and Avon beach had been very slow over the last few weeks although a club record sole of 4 lb had been taken recently . We anticipated it would be a pout and rockling venue .

All three of us fished close together so we could keep an eye on each other as well as have a chat while we stared at motionless rods tips!! We were all using the light gear with worm as bait. The first hour was very slow and reports from down the beach reflected this however I did manage to sneek
out a whiting to get us off the mark and put pressure on MO!

I then had pout which ended up in the bucket while Sally had a bigger pout and a rockling Mo unfortunately blanked so we ended up with 3 points . Back at the weigh in it was a similar story a few whiting and few blanks and a nice sole!!!

In the matches overall team crack off finished 4 th which is a vast improvement on previous years but it’s not quite what is seems as there were also 3 teams level in 3 rd place!!!!!

Since switching to the lighter gear with a 16ft rod FS and 8lb line and smaller hooks we have caught more fish and enjoyed the fishing even more and it really has opened a new window for me especially when fishing for the scad and macki in the summer and really looking forward to doing that again next year.

I think when the opportunity presents itself this type of gear will be used more and more there is still a place for Zziplex rods and 7 ht mag reels but for scratching and match fishing the light gear is more fun.

Will team crack off fish it next year? Of course we will and also there will be a change of captain so I wish Sally all the best with that and of course I will hang on her every word!!!!!!!


Colin "Crack off" Olver

Wed, Oct 5, 2016

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