Fishing and Casting Update

Everywhere has been very slow in my area, the weather has not been that good and the water has been very cloudy. A fine day has been followed by 3 days of storms not ideal Plaice conditions.

However on the good side the mild weather has kept the Bass inshore and the first mackeral have arrived on Chesil. On the down side the area has been plagued with baby pin whiting. I fished a club match at Durley Chine when all anglers caught fish but the trick was to find a sizable one!!! I came 2nd with 11ozs (4 rockling!)

With the mild weather Castyourlead has been busy with anglers from London, Bristol and Basingstoke coming to brush up their casting skills which they all seemed to enjoy.

I have had a couple of trips to Chesil but with the dirty water the fish think its night time so have been catching mostly Dogs and yting not seen any plaice as yet they should appear once the water clears. On my last trip I did manage to catch a nice bass around the 3lb mark on a small piece of lug on a size 4 hook at cogden along with some nice dogs and rockling! I have noticed with CHesil that you seem to get fish in a run just like a light switch has been turned on. Given the choice I like to fish 1 hour before and 3 hours after LOW tide mind you other anglers will tell you different. However on this trip the fish started to appear 2 hours after HIGH water thats the joys of fishing you never know when and where they will start to feed

I have also been practising my casting skills as I felt that I was not getting the distance I should be, perhaps its an age thing because you do lose power as you get older!! With my fishing pendulum cast I use the high swing which made the lead go high in the back swing and it rolled over the top and outside the tip ring before I started the power stroke.

However I went to one of the casting days at Dorchester and have watched some of the videos of other casting club days and noticed that a lot of the casters dont wait as long in the backswing. They start the cast as soon as the lead passes their eye line. They then raise their bottom hand which puts the lead in a horizontal plane rather than a vertical plane.

So its still a work in progress I must say that when I get it right the reel really screams and distance improves. I have been looking at Peter Thains videos which have helped so perhaps you can still “old dogs new tricks”

THe club starts the Doubles League soon and Team Crack Off will be going for it again so a few reports will appear on here.

If any of you readers would like to make any comments regarding the lack of fish in the area or any other topic please feel free!



Colin "Crack off" Olver

Wed, Oct 5, 2016

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