Happy Days

Castyourlead has been very busy over the last couple of weeks with coaching sessions in all kinds of weather conditions. Steve and I had been trying to arrange a time for when we could meet up. He lives near London but was prepared to drive down to see me. However on the day we were due to meet the weather was appauling, blowing due south force 6 and belting down with rain. I contacted Steve giving him the option of waiting for a better day but he was keen to carry on with the session . It was the only time I have sat in the Car on the overcliff waiting for him and the car was rocking in the wind. Still steve enjoyed it as he said its good to learn and practice in bad weather as you would fish in. Also if you can master the cast in the wind casting into a nice flat sea would be a doddle!! So although we looked liked drown rats the session went well dispite the conditions

A few days later after the Bank holiday I had arranged to meet Stuart at Abbotsbury for an early start That meant a 6.30am drive to meet him, we had a good session with a few firsts for Stuart.WE started as always with the OTG cast and with his top of the range equipment he was putting the lead out a good distance with an easy relaxed cast much easier than his previous thrash. He had said to me earlier that he always had cast with the reel up and didnt like the reel down, so that was a challenge for me. After getting the OTG cast going I suggested he moved the reel down and slowed the cast down even more. I dont think he was to impressed with this but he did move it and the more casts he made the more he grew to like the reel in its new position, and there it will stay I think. Next time we meet we will add the swing to his cast.

I then came back from Chesil for the 2nd doubles match of the league fished again at Southbourne, well to cut a long story short it was hard going finding a sizable fish . I hade a Ray 1cm to small along with 3 sole and a baby plaice all of which were undersized so only 1 point for teamcrack off this time.

Next trip was to Boscombe Pier where the Angling Trust were holding an Open Fishing day for kids to have a go at fishing under the watchful gaze of AT coaches, the weather was kind(thankfully) and a lot of species were caught by the kids nothing big but they enjoyed catching them and hopefully they may well think of taking up the sport and a number of the dads enjoyed the fun as well!!

One evening during the week I had arranged to meet another steve from the local fishing club who had just started fishing and needed some casting help and some fishing tips. So we arranged to meet, have a casting session, and then fish on into darkness. To be honest we struggled a bit with casting where steve was only getting one cast in five away the rest were slamming into the water only about 15 meters out! I think we worked out in the end that he was hitting the rod to hard rather like he was doing with his old style when he did relax slow down and made the rod work then the cast went well. However I think towards the end of the session it was coming together but a lot more practice is needed. Its not easy when you have been used to “Thrashing” the rod for many years just to slow down and use at least half the power you used to use The fishing was dire! but we talked about lines and rigs and baits and I like to think steve went away with some little tips and more information than he came with!!

Finally today had another early start to meet Allyn who had been a field caster some 20 years ago but due to back problems had given up and now he has returned to fishing and wanted to brush up his skills. It was a great morning to cast nice and warm on the sand with no wind. WE talked through the OTG cast as normal and Allyn was getting back in the old routine with a nice but quick OTG cast when he slowed it down it went further and looked better. We then looked at the Pendulum and tried a few of those which were a bit fast but the lead was flying straight and in a nice high arc out to sea that still remains a work in process but he enjoyed hitting the leads again.

SO although its been busy and I have been coaching in different areas and conditions with different levels of anglers I have enjoyed every second of it and I am very lucky to be doing the things that I like doing and being out on the sand and the shingle. Perhaps I can now find time to target those rays and hounds that are about.


Colin "Crack off" Olver

Wed, Oct 5, 2016

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