He who laughs last!

My fishing buddy Sally and her work colleague Reubin went to Bexi for a shot at the plaice to the left of the car park . Due to a client of mine postponing her appointment till next week a window of opportunity appeared so I loaded up the car and went to join them.

They had been bite less for at least 4 hours by the time I got there and of course the normal banter took place. Now one of the problems of being a coach is that if you lose gear make a mistake and foul up then those two really give me grief!!!!

I set up near them cast out and promptly lost my nice new wish bone rig to an unseen net or heft so that made them laugh, anyway tackled up again on the GS match with a 7ht mag and hit it again they were winding me up about the distance I was casting.

By this time it was nearly dusk a good time for plaice to feed. As I watched the GS I saw it twitch but kept looking at the tip as normal with these flatfish I liked to give them time. After 5 minutes I picked up the rod and started to wind in feeling the extra weight and hoping it was not weed!!!!

They noticed the rod was bending well and I could feel the fish kicking on its way to the beach, they tried to convince me it was weed still I kept winding . Eventually the plaice arrived on the beach they couldn’t believe their eyes as a plump 2lb fish arrived at my feet. I just turned and smiled as the abuse went on!!!!!

I fished on into darkness for a while but left them to it and I understand they fished until midnight so that was 11 hours without a keepable fish. So it just goes to show that sometimes not all the time distance does catch fish.


Colin "Crack off" Olver

Wed, Oct 5, 2016

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