Hot day at Chesil

Due to various family stuff like weddings and building work fishing has been off the agenda for a while however as things have settled down and the sun was out thoughts turned to Plaice fishing.

Now my fishing buddy Sally always accuses me of taking her to distance venues where she can’t reach the fish(would I ?) so being the kind chap that I am told her that the choice of venue was up to her. As normal the days fishing started in a pub this time it was the KIngs Head Near abbotsbury where we had a nice lunch ( paid for by Sally) and discussed plans.

Before leaving home I had promised people back home some fresh macki for tea and only took worm as bait as the rest of the time we would be feathering . On arrival at the car park at West Bexington the sea looked like a mill pond and a few people had been fishing for most of the morning without much luck!!!!

We got the gear loaded and walked to a spot about 300 yds from the car park and made camp.the conditions looked great for macki bashing and for a spot of plaice fishing with my new 7ht mag and special match zziplex dream machine.

The first few hours passed without a bite on worm or feathers but as it was such a hot day we didn’t really mind, however when the tide was about an hour from high tide the fish came onto feed and we had 3 plaice and a bream but still no macki dispite our best efforts but also none of the other guys around us had any either.

Just as the light was fading the feathers ran through a shoal of macki and we had 3 on one string and then a single one the next cast so job done . That was enough to take home so we loaded up our gear and marched back to the car just in time for a pint on the way back at the Worlds End !!!!!!!


Colin "Crack off" Olver

Wed, Oct 5, 2016

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