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After the Xmas break and the storms of late it was nice to get back onto the beach and do some coaching

Met up with Russell from Poole who was having problems with the pendulum. He brought his Kompressor SS and mag reel with 18lb line and shock leader.

As always I wanted him to show me his otg cast before doing his pendulum cast as he had been looking at videos and reading the books and sometimes anglers get the wrong idea from these.

However Russell’s otg had a much wider arc in fact his lead was placed nearer to the sea than him and he was off balanced and hence the lead went a stray, he used the same angle with his pendulum swing which was bordering on tournament style not very safe on the beach.

So I made the decision to move him to a more safer Unitec style as without a sound otg style the pendulum is doomed to failure you have to get the basics right. We spent some time getting his otg right and I think he was happy with that although it was a bit alien to him not to have hit the rod hard to get the distance. Most of the lesson was getting the swing and the power flow correct .

I think by the time I left we were there the basics are in place and it’s a case of practice now however I think a softer rod would help but he did say that the rod was being used for hauling big fish from rock marks. I suggested to him that he keeps to that style for a few months and see how it goes hopefully it will work for him the more he uses it or he might just return to his old style !!!!!


Colin "Crack off" Olver

Wed, Oct 5, 2016

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