Lack of Mud

After reading several reports of plaice being caught at chesil I thought I would venture down to see if I could find any. There is a school of thought which says that if you can find the clay/ mud then that is where the plaice and other flat fish lay.

So having spent a few years fishing the shingle bank I know a few places where I can find these patches of ground. The weather was cold and the water was a milky colour and a few other anglers where already spread out looking for a plaice( see video on castyourlead Facebook page).

Armed with bait from Tom at abbotsbury tackle and carrying to much gear as normal I made my way to my chosen mark which lucky for me was empty and tackled up with a loop rig and a sliding wishbone on the two rods also had a dvice with a double runner rig and a sliding Pennel rig as back ups.

First warm up cast and for some reason the line on the 7ht backlashed and I said goodbye to the leader and lead that was a good start, so on with the spare rocket and out with the bait.

Normally you can tell when you are on the clay/mud as on retrieve you have to pull the lead out but this didn’t happen so I recast changing my range in an attempt to find this clay but couldn’t was I not casting far enough or too far or have recent storms covered it up?

So all I had to show for my efforts was one small plaice on the loop rig which was returned to grow bigger a few plaice where caught by othe anglers but not in great numbers perhaps it is a bit early and needs to warm up a bit. Still there is always next time!!


Colin "Crack off" Olver

Wed, Oct 5, 2016

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