Last session of the year

As Christmas is approaching and my mate Barry had at last found himself a Zziplex HSM on EBay it seemed rude not to escape for a few hours to play with his new toy. To make it easy Southbourne was the venue and a nice coloured sea greeted as as we set up our HSMs so we could compare them. Really the only difference was in the rings as mine had the lighter rings but the difference was hardly noticeable.

I had also re oiled all my reels first time ever in some cases!!! And I was interested in how they ran!

Barry had a couple of OTG casts and liked the feel and the distance he was getting with his gear, so I think he will be using the HSM on more trips. The fishing was secondary really I was using a loop rig with rag and Barry was using lug and squid at all ranges strangely the only fish we had was a SIZABLE flounder its been years since I had one of those from that area.

Still it was a good few hours and we both enjoyed the outing and the rod was a great success however it still has to lose its virginity hopefully that will happen


Colin "Crack off" Olver

Wed, Oct 5, 2016

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