Learning Curve on the Bristol Channel

Fishing in the Bristol Channel

My daughter who lives in Wales bought me for my Christmas present a guiding trip with Jansen "The gambling angler" Teakle .

Being brought up on flat clean beaches of the south coast I wanted to experence fishing the Bristol Channel as were my daughter lives there are some good local rock marks . The Ranny and the Knap along with Cardiff Forshore to name but a few with most fishing off rocks onto sand .

I had attempted these venues for a few hours when visiting but with mixed results.

So given this opportunity  to spend a few hours with an expert guide was to good to miss. I wanted Jansen to fish as well as he normally spends his time helping his anglers and doesnt fish himself although he supplies the rigs and the bait.

Like a lot of the marks it involves a walk over fields along cliff sides and down the side of the cliffs on to rocks below  this was no exception !!

Jansen had some frozen crab for the codling and fish baits for the rays he also supplied the rigs which were simple up and over pully rigs none of  your complicated southern rigs here. We tackled up and Jansen had told me that he was going to experiment with braid on a fixed spool and the reel down the butt now that is something that you dont see everyday . He explained to  me how to cast off rocks and was putting his bait a good 40 yards further than i was getting mind you the 40mm line on my FS didnt help !! There is a video of him on my castyourlead youtube channel it was very impresive . I gained  a few more yards   when i could plant my feet on firm sand once we hit low water much more like home for me 

We fished through the tide and even changed marks but we ended up both blanking although Jansen did drop a fish on the way in due he thought to using the braid and its lack of stretch . So we left just before dark and made our way back to the car and then the pub for a debrief . On reflection it didnt help our cause that there was a nasty wind blowing and there was still snow on the ground which meant that the channel had snow water in it which probably put the fish off .

So what did I learn ?

1 Dont take a rod holdall with you it gets covered in mud

2 Travel light and make sure you have studs in your boots

3 Big baits for the smell and simple traces no need for 3 hooked clipped down !

4. Fish over low and back up as long as you can

5. Jury is still out about using braid on the channel

6. I must revisit  my half pendulum again for this type of fishing

However although we both blanked I had a great few hours with Jansen we talked about the joys of coaching and guiding and all things fishie     and although Jansen cant guarantee you will catch fish he will certainly give you 110% of his attention and you will come away with a lot more knowledge about the Bristol Channel then you started with

I will be going back again later in the year to try and catch some of these Rays that are a nusiance fish that are paved on the Bristol Channel and this time i will be more prepared

For further details contact Jansen on www.thegamblingangler.co.uk   


Colin "Crack off" Olver

Tue, Mar 20, 2018

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