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Call me old fashioned but I have fished with a Zziplex rod and the reel down the butt, which suited my casting and fishing style for many years. However a revolution is going on in the match and pleasure angling scene.

Due to modern construction methods of these rods anglers are using longer and lighter set ups with fixed spool reels and much thinner lines and braid which is something the continental anglers have been using for years. As I get older I find my back and shoulders feel the strain after a days hard fishing so I have been looking at something that is a bit easier to cast and coach with

I was fortunate to be able to try a few of these type of rods at the England junior squad day as all of the anglers used a mixture of Cinnetic and Vercell rods which are made and produced outside of the UK and retailed by George Cunningham of Tronixpro.What struck me was how thin these rods were although they are rated up to 200gms! although to look at them you would not think so.

So when no one was looking I had a go with them matched with a Penn Surfblaster and .28 line and 3 ozs of lead. With a simple Off The Ground cast the lead sailed out with the fast recovery of the tip giving it the extra power with little effort from me.

The model that took my fancy was the Cinnetic Sky line and what a revelation it was, nice and light great bite detection and easy on the back and shoulders. The tip section due to its glass content is very delicate and will show a dab bite at 140yds it will also enable you to fish with long and light traces and snoods when targeting smaller fish in a match situation.

AS luck would have it I was invited to take part in a casting video by Sean of Fishingtales so I contacted Tom at Christchurch Angling to beg and borrow a Skyline to use with a novice angler. Gavin is a boat angler but had problems with his beach casting to cut a long story short he doubled his distance in a two hour session by using this rod. Im not saying that it was all the rod that helped him to improve as we changed his style which also helped!!! You can see the rod in action on video on the Fishingtales website soon.

So it looks like yet again I will have to become a tackle tart and take the plunge there are other makes of these types of rods of course and what suits me might not be right for you but I am sure that my back and shoulders will be pleased.

Tom in Christchurch Angling carries a stock of these rods and if you ask him he may well let you beach test one. Try one and see what you think


Colin "Crack off" Olver

Wed, Oct 5, 2016

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