More left hand pull!!

For sometime I have struggled to use the zziplex GB lite 3 piece beach rod at @ 14ft it’s the same length as the vmax but has more grunt . Normally I put a Penn 535 on the butt and use it in Ireland over the rocks and kelp.

However I read an article recently by Peter Thain about using more left hand pull as a way of creating greater power rather than just hitting it with the right!! So I thought I would put a sports rocket on the butt and stubby Dvice( more of that later) on the business end lay it out under the rod and pull the left hand and let the right follow with the power going in late.

Firstly with the rocket in place the rod felt much lighter and the Dvice really flew out to sea into a stiffish breeze straight and under control !!. After a few more casts I was happy that by using a bit more left hand pull the rod was responding and bending well, although its a work in progress hopefully I can use it more often and the distance will increase.

Another thing I wanted to find out was to see if a large ish sandeel would stay in a Stubby Dvice or would it fly out on route. So I fitted the eel into the Dvice half of it was hanging outside , wrapped the snood line around my fingers and put that in there as well. To be fair it looked like a tangled mess of line with half a sandeel in the middle of it, it would never work I thought.

However much to my surprise it sailed out to sea nothing was ejected during its flight and on retrieve the sandeel had been ejected as it had been designed to do when it hit the water with no tangles.

I fished the whole session like that and had no problems at all with the Dvice so that looks like a good way of getting a decent ray bait out there with a simple OTG cast .

Hopefully will have the chance this weekend at chesil to try the system out again in some deeper water with a range of baits and may pick up an early ray.


Colin "Crack off" Olver

Wed, Oct 5, 2016

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