Nothing changes

Last night was the first the first round of the Doubles league fished at Hengistbury Head . As always Sally and I had our prematch drink and talk of what tactics we were going to use!

When we arrived at the meeting point all the other teams were ready for the off some even had bikes so they could ride off to I presume the back of the head or the famous wrasse beds near the groyne . We of course drove to harbour road and just flopped over the top onto the beach and in fact a few of the other less mobile anglers did the same thing.

The sea had calmed down a fair bit but it was a raining so it’s a good job we bought our shelters. We fished various rigs and baits at all ranges but failed to get a bite in fact all we heard about was a small sole caught 3 pegs down .

All though it was a good evening it was disappointing fish wise ,however as we didn’t attend the weigh in I have no idea what was caught by the other teams who ventured further along the venue.

So it looks like we have started how we mean to continue with a single point for turning up! The next venue is in May at the Milford Shingle Bank how I love that venue(not)

Just had it confirmed that many of the other teams also blanked it appeared that if you were not in a fish holding area then you stood no chance although one angler did manage a 3lb SE Ray.


Colin "Crack off" Olver

Wed, Oct 5, 2016

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