Old Bait and Floating Beads

Having some old and I mean old ragworm left over from a match at the weekend, rather than throwing it away, I packed the 16ft tronixpro match rod and Penn surfblaster and ventured down to my nearest bit of sand.

I had also had a small bait waiter that fixes on to my tripod that I could use to put all my bits and bobs on like the bait elastic, knives, glasses, and all the other things that I lose while im fishing as well as the bait. Its the first time I have used one of these and I must say it makes my fishing a bit easier as there is no more bending up and down to find the bait and bait up, I can also cut baits up on it and hang spare traces from it as well, a good bit of kit.

The Ragworm bait I had was really past its sell by date and had to be “Poured” onto the size 4 hooks on the loop rigs and bomber rigs that were to be cast out and then “twitched”back in. Since I have started using this lighter(match Gear) all the rigs have got pop ups and floating beads attached to them and I have to say that although they have been smaller fish caught I have had more of them.Its still learning curve for me using all this light gear but im looking forward to when and if the scad and mackie arrived for they give a good account of themselves on light gear.

However I am not sure if these “Pop ups” do in fact pop the bait up, and of course it does depend on the size of the bait as well as if that is too large then the system falls apart. So its still a work in progress. I have used flurocarbon 10lb line for the snoods which people tell me sinks and I also have great trouble seeing some times. I tend to use amnesia 15lb clear a bit heavier yes but I can see it and its less prone to tangle and I understand the mono floats better than flurocarbon.

I arrived at the mark and cast out about 80 yds and starting “twitching” the bait back and replaced the rod in the rest and something hit it, of it went again and of course with the match rod and the quiver tip the bites look bigger than they are. On winding in I found a small plaice on the end. He was unhooked and returned, a few cast later and I started to pull in a heavy weight could only be one of two things weed or spider crab it was the later!!!!

As dusk approached the manky bait was nearly gone so last cast went seaward while I started packing up and I notice the rod indicate a nice sharp bite so I left it for a short while while I started getting my gear together. On bringing the line in a felt a couple of nice pulls and in came a double shot of sole both of which were 31cm so sizable.

I know that the beads help to lift the bait just off the bottom so it waves around in the tide but the flatfish I caught are bottom feeders, the spider crab certainly is, so were the snoods just lying on the bottom or where they doing their job and the flatfish did in fact attack the bait off the bottom

I will never know perhaps I am overthinking the whole thing, at least I caught some fish on really awful bait. The waiter worked well so that the bait and tackle is now in one place off the ground and this should help me fish in a more relaxed way now all I have to do is catch sizable fish in the matches!


Colin "Crack off" Olver

Wed, Oct 5, 2016

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