Penultimate Doubles Match

The venue for this match was MIlford Shingle Bank and it had been changed from the Monday to the following day due to the storm that went through which would have made the conditions unfishable.

AS my team member had to work yet again I had to fish on my own with the option of two rods to use. On arrival at the venue I was actually early due to the non tactic talk in the pub!! It was a tad windy and cold but on with the suit and a short walk up the shingle and a sharp turn right of the rocks as did a few other anglers!!! The last two matches held here I fished to the far right and caught fish so why change this time? In fact other (younger) anglers raced ahead so I only walked a short distance and deceided to fish only one rod as the sea was rough and the weed was an unknown.

So GBlite and Penn 525 with a dropper rig with size 4/0s and double patting with a pully rig as this big bait approach looked good for a cod or big bass!!!

First cast with Dungie black lug and peeler at about 60 yds rod in rod rest and baiting up the spare trace I saw the rod twitch thinking it was weed I just left it to do its own thing!! Then it went again was that a bite? Lift rod feel for the bite and strike FISH ON, not big but could be worth 2 points. It turned out to be a nice fat pout job done.

Out goes the pully rig with the same baits and another bite and a bit more weight this time and always at the venue a nice dog fish. This could be a good night but alas that was it for me however I did miss a couple of bites but the anglers around me blanked so it was off to the weigh in had team crack off won?

At the weigh in a lot of anglers had one or two fish mostly dogs and pout my total weight of 1lb 9 ozs beat our rival team weight of 1lb 6ozs which was a single dogfish. All in all a good night with a few fish so with only one match to go team crack off will finish mid table which is good for us I think we have improved over the year and if we can only stay out of the pub we may get even better next year!!!!!!


Colin "Crack off" Olver

Wed, Oct 5, 2016

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