Plaice on the shingle

Having spent a short session last week on chesil cod chasing without a lot of luck apart from a nice plaice. I thought that I would abandon the cod for a plaice hunt! With The water still being cleanish I loaded up the car and returned to the shingle on perhaps the last plaice hunt of the season

Tom had his usual good bait in abbotsbury tackle and together with the black lug I brought back from Dungie I was ready to go.

After a short journey I had decamped onto the shingle and had the vmax and 7ht mag baited and ready to go. The plan was to fish this at range with a dropper rig. And the HSM a bit closer with a wishbone rig however when I took the HSM out of its bag and tried to put the reel on the seat had jammed and was totally unusable!

Luckily I had brought my match rod and fixed spool so that would be pressed into service . Now many anglers have their own ideas on the best time to fish chesil my own view is that the first 2 hours of the flood and over high tide has always been good for me and this was to prove the same on this trip.

I started fishing about 10 am and had a nice whiting first cast which is normally bad news and so it proved for a while. Low tide was 1 pm so with both rods out the next few hours was very slow then just as if a light switch had been turned on the vmax produced 3 nice plaice in short succession all to the black lug. This action was about 30 minutes after low tide and continued for about an hour and then stopped. May be if I had continued until the high I might have got a few more but I was happy with my plaice that averaged about 11/2 lb each.

also had some small mackerill which where chasing the whitebait onto the beach.

By about 4 pm the temperature was dropping fast and with England on the tv that evening I headed for home after a nice few hours on the shingle. It was an interesting session with all of the fish coming to the rod at range and all on black lug on dropper and wishbone rigs hopefully I will be able to get down there for one more session before the plaice head off to spawn.


Colin "Crack off" Olver

Wed, Oct 5, 2016

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