Rude Awakening

It has been many years since I fished a club match in earnest but I promised myself that this year I would give it ago and see what I could learn!

The club had a match on Saturday at Steamer Point which is an easy ish venue to fish. As is the time of year it was always going to be a rockling and whiting feast.

So in anticipation I had made up,some rigs with size 4 hooks and 10 lb fluocarbon snoods on a light braid outfit on a fixed spool.

However what I didnt realise was that you can’t theses days just turn up and fish you have to book in and pay a fee and then walk off together to the beach, I was late so missed the booking in and also,had no money on me so couldnt pay the fee!!!

So the only thing left to do was to freelance with the guys, lucky for me I fished next to Pete who showed me what the 2013 match angler now uses. Nowadays the match angler is looking to catch anything SIZABLE with fins and to,do,this he has scale down his gear to river sizes

Pete fished with a 16’ftnrod and fixed spool reel loaded with 12lh line and very small hooks on fluocarbon line with a 3 ozs lead his rigs had pop ups on some and luminous beads on others that he shone a ultra violet light on to make the glow which the fish like .

Looking around me most other anglers where using the same type of outfit, and true to form they were catching small rocking and flounders from close in range. Some of the rigs were 3 to 4 ft long withn3 hooks which gives better bait presentation with or without beads or pop ups.

The match had a good turn out and when I left before the end Pete despite me asking him All these questions had 4 rockling and it looked like most anglers had a few of these fish, I had a rockling and a flounder on a loop rig and 3 hook cascade rig.

I have to admit I felt a little bit out of my depth with all this new long and lite rigs and tactics but thanks to Pete I also learned a lot and hopefully I can use this new found knowledge in this years Doubles league or the next shore points match


Colin "Crack off" Olver

Wed, Oct 5, 2016

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