Stiff rods

I think I must be getting weaker in my old age as the number of anglers I teach who turn up for a lesson with state of the art power rods and 6 ozs of lead and wonder why they struggle. Had a session with Paul today who had a couple of century rods one was stiffer than the other. We struggled with the stiffer version yet when we used the less powerful version every thing fell into place and the cast really began to fly and under control with an easy relaxed style, result one happy angler!

I am more and more convinced that if anglers used less powerful rods with less lead they would increase their distance and their enjoyment of their sport.

It’s all a question of making the rod work for you, the OTG cast does that for you however you will always struggle if the rod is to powerful for you as the above example shows so give it go use a less powerful rod 12lb line and 4oz lead and see what happens!

You may well find that your distance increases you will certainly have more fun catching fish with this lighter set up and perhaps your arms neck and back will not ache as much after a session!!!!


Colin "Crack off" Olver

Wed, Oct 5, 2016

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