Strange Chesil Trip

Noticed a window in the weather and work and thought I would take a trip to Chesil for some Plaice and perhaps a smoothhound !!

Loaded up the car with all the gear and some rag lug crab sandeel and macki with 2 rods and a beach buddy. After an hours drive arrived at the beach to find a due south wind and a nasty lop on the water although it was clear.

Set up the vmax 2 with a loop rig and the GB lite with a dvice the vmax was fished at range and the GB lite was fished in short. There was not many other Anglers about although just as I made my first cast a mature angler arrived with his set of feathers and started to pull out strings and strings of mackerel every cast he made produced fish!!!. Time to rebait halfway in felt a tug and on the two hooked loop rig two mackerel had attached themselves onto bare hooks.

Time to pull in the dvice to rebait and the same thing happen again another mackerel hit the bare hooks this occurred every time I pulled in there must have been a massive shoal around for most of the afternoon I have caught the odd mackerel on retrieve but never like that every time I wound in a fish would hit it.

However I did manage a nice dab but no plaice it was a bit rough for them I think still it was nice to get out and I did avoid the blank!


Colin "Crack off" Olver

Wed, Oct 5, 2016

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