Swan Song at Sandbanks

The last match of the 2012 double league was held at Sandbanks with teams having a choice of fishing the harbour or the sea side. We as normal had to go to the pub to decide where to fish!

There was a nasty north wind blowing we arrived EARLY at the car park ready for the walk off, it looked like an even split with some anglers going after early flounders in the harbour.

As the sea side was sheltered and the sea calm we opted for this option we were fishing against doug and andy who split their options with andy fishing the harbour.

As luck would have it we were fishing next to doug so we could keep an eye on each other, we were using rag limpet and razor topped up with rag on loop rigs and flappers. The evening was slow doug had a pout early on so we knew a few fish were about, however we couldn’t find them try as we may all ranges everybody was struggling for fish.

So with last cast approaching I loaded up the loop rig and smacked it as far as I could and then walked off down the beach to talk to doug( those tactics have served me well over the years!!!)

After we had had a good moan about the state of fishing at the venue as I was walking back to wind in I heard a shout from Sally telling me I had a bite, so with 5 minutes left I let the fish play with the bait, knowing the doug had only a small pout in his bucket could this be a winning fish!!!!

Time to wind in! Fish on giving the HSM a nice pull as the wind was behind me the bait was a long way out so I have a carefull wind in fish still on, through the little bit of surf, the weed had caught in the leader knot in the top ring so had to walk backwards up the beach pulling the fish up the bank, I could see the bar of silver flapping on the beach , was this going to be SIZABLE and gain us 3 points the answer was no so back she went to grow bigger.

Back at the weigh it was obvious that it was a hard night to fish, a few flounders were caught in the harbour always a good sign for next month, doug beat us with his pout,so all in all hard work.

To sum up the series we improved our position in the league from previous years to about mid table and we learnt a bit more about smaller hooks and pop ups!!! Hopefully next year we can improve a bit more


Colin "Crack off" Olver

Wed, Oct 5, 2016

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