The girl did well!

Last Monday saw the latest round of the club doubles league fishing at Milford Shingle Bank on a nippy but sunny evening.

As is our tradition our planning started in the Globe on the way to the venue, the plan was to fish for the Bream with small hooks and squid with some cuttlefish thrown in and as a back up bait I took some crab and sandeel.

When we arrived we were some what late !!! So went over the bridge turned right and walked passed the other anglers to get the end peg. The water had weed in the margins but it looked clear further out and I started with a 3 hooks and braid on a FS while Sally had a Pennel

I was surprised about the tide run as a plain 3 ozs lead didn’t move very far and the weed was manageable . However nobody told the Bream we were there so as dusk approached without a bite we went back to bigger baits I was on the crab and Sally was on the sandeel in the hope something would pick it up. Shortly after this change of tactic Sally had a good pull down bite on her sandeel we thought it could be a Ray so she gave it some time before pulling in a nice Doggie!! At least that was worth 2 points now the weed was starting to become a pain on her next cast she thought she saw another bite but put it down to the weed on her line however the lead was being dragged out and on her retrieve she found another doggies hidden in the weed.

It was now time to go to the weigh in as the weed had become unmanageable so we packed up a few minutes ahead of schedule and made our way back to the Car Park. It appeared not many fish were caught a few bream a nice bass and lovely looking Ray caught by team Amos!

We were fishing against the team that had the bass and Sally with her Doggies had a higher weight so we amassed 3 points for the win.

I of course blanked did have a couple of bites but missed them but at least all my years of coaching her are now paying off and she is getting the hang of this match fishing!!


Colin "Crack off" Olver

Wed, Oct 5, 2016

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