Thoughts on the zziplex HSM

Its not often that a buy a new rod as the weapons I have suit my fishing style, however I have read a lot of hype regarding the Zziplex HSM (high speed match). I have pet theory about soft rods in fact I love um!! In my view if anglers looked at using and buying rods they can bend they will get more distance and have more fun with their fishing.

A couple of anglers have turned up for a lesson with HSMs so I get the chance to use before I buy. The HSM is the younger brother of the HST which is the field version and Stiffer and my first experience of using the HSM was it was a nice rod but a bit stiffer and heavier than my current vmax 2.

So when an opportunity occurred to purchase the blank direct from Terry Carroll I went for it and got him to send it to Richard at Dorset Rods to build. I ask Richard to build it with the lightest rings he could find to keep the weight of the rod down. Although he did refuse this time to put my famous pink shrink tube on the butt to match my other rods!!!!!!

So down to the beach with it for a fishing session with Sally and Barry, the first impression was good as it was lighter now than the V max as I fished them side by side. First cast was a gentle OTG cast which with a 4 ozs lead sailed out to sea under full control nice !!!!!

Pendulum is next long drop easy swing turn and hit, and off she went with a fast tip recovery putting the bait 130 yds or so. Barry remarked that the tip was bending along 2/3 rds of its length so I bit more use and practice is needed I think! Winding back it was easy with the reel down the butt the rod was light and balanced a great fishing rod job done. I’m sure with more practice I can squeeze a few more yards from it and it will be good for bite detection with the glass tip a typical match rod.

Although I fished between Sally and Barry they caught and I blanked however I hope to put the rod through its bite detection chasing the chesil cod.

Finally any angler looking for a good match rod capable of casting and putting a bait a long way this could be the rod for you


Colin "Crack off" Olver

Wed, Oct 5, 2016

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