West Bexington in the cold

Despite the cold weather I was persuaded to venture down to bexi for a casting session with julian and perhaps see if the reports of plaice were true!

Got down there about midday the weather was clear and sunny and walked the mile or so to where various members of CBF were fishing. They had been there a few hours without any plaice showing.

Julian was up,for his casting session and we recapped on what we had done at our last meet and he demonstrated his OTG cast which was coming along well. So much so I decided to move on to the dreaded pendulum as all that is needed is to add the swing to a solid OTG cast.

After sorting the swing out the cast was now taking shape we had no crack offs or bird nests so he has something to work on between now and our next outing. Another member Paul was keen to,have a lesson so I looked at his style.

Paul had his own version of OTG which entailed him bringing the rod round the side of him self like a swipe of a broadsword so he was not getting the rod to load properly and was casting left of centre however with a change of rod and lead position he was in the right position for the hit and although he didn’t get on with it last time he tried we moved the reel down the butt and I like to think everything then fell into plaice!!!

Talking of which all the plaice I saw were a couple of small ones taken by one of the group I did live up to my nickname as Julian had a new rod a primo hi flex match and Diawa ST reel so its always nice to have a go with rods you have read about and not used. However the first cast on a setting of 4 went well nice flexible rod with a glass tip, so second cast on a setting of 3 went a bit further third cast on 2 went even further however it was unattached as i had cracked it off !!!!!!

Although the weather was nice and calm as soon as the sun went down the temperature dropped like a stone so it was time to head for the warmth of home, it was a great way to spend a few hours and hopefully the guys enjoyed their casting.


Colin "Crack off" Olver

Wed, Oct 5, 2016

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