What can I say!!

I had a couple of sessions this past week where the fish beat me

The first was an evening session at Paddys Gap near Milford on Sea where there had been some early ray caught but not for me. Fished the tide over high and with the weed building after 4 hours without a decent bite I gave up.

The highlight if you can call it that was being accosted by a good natured drunk, he appeared from a local wedding and firstly said he was going for a paddle so off came his shoes and socks and off he went down the shingle that was the easy part coming back up while p——d was the funny bit

However he made it and returned to the wedding only to reappear an hour later to tell me his life story!!!!!

So with bait left over and time off for good behaviour I went down to Southbourne still chasing the mythical rays. Parked the car on the road and walked down the slope onto the beach where as it was a nice evening and it was “Holby” night the beach was busy.

Got the rods out and the rigs and then looked for my bait l then realised that I had left it in the car so off I trundled back to the road to get the sandeels and macki baits.
I passed a dad and his 2 sons on the way back who were fishing nearby and noticed that the gear they were using was rather antiquated but left them to it.

Another 4 hours went by with only a few rattles to be seen on the rods so gave it up as a bad job and started packing up and doing the walk back to the car. The dad and his sons also packed up about the same time and we met halfway up the slope. Any luck I said and to my surprise they told me they had a few whiting a flounder and a sizeable bass!!!! So perhaps their gear wasn’t that bad after all


Colin "Crack off" Olver

Wed, Oct 5, 2016

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