Whiting fest at Doubles Match

With this years doubles series coming to an end the penultimate match was held at the warren edge section of southbourne.

As is our style we met in the commodore for a drink and to discuss tactics ! With a nice lumpy sea and loads of bait we were going for the whiting and anything else would be a bonus. This time we actually arrived at the venue early ready for the walk off and proceeded to fish in front of the bistro.

I went for a two hooked loop rig with 1/0 hooks on the GS match while sally fished her profile on a slider rig, just to add to the pressure our rival team had not turned up so we only had to weigh in a sizeable fish to win and get the three points!!!! Surely we could do that.

Cast out time and out went the rig with worm on one hook and sandeel on the bottom hook, the sea was calming down now and it was a very pleasant evening to fish. Well within 10 minutes the first bite was registered giving it a bit of time it was nice to feel some weight on retrieve and out of the surf came a SIZEABLE whiting on the top hook and a small spotted ray on the bottom hook, job done we could now relax knowing that the 3 points were ours.

The rest of the comp we had loads of whiting as did most of the other teams the winning weight was over 9lb! So a good night was had by all. The final comp is at Sandbanks so if we can manage another win then we should finish just under halfway in the league which is a vast improvement for us. Will we fish it again next year? Of course we will!!!!


Colin "Crack off" Olver

Wed, Oct 5, 2016

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