Have you ever struggled to get to the fish that are just outside your casting range? Have you ever sat and watch the angler next to you catch fish after fish while your bait is 20 yards short of the target area? If you'd like to improve your style , then  a session with 'Crack Off' Colin is for you.


Based in Dorset, Colin specialises in giving casting instruction to anglers of all abilities. From beginners who are just starting out in the sport to more experienced anglers who wish to learn more advanced casting techniques, there's something for everyone. Coaching begins by spending  2 hours looking at all aspects of surf casting, including rod and reel selection, shock leaders, fixed spool reels and multipliers.  You will start with the 'Off the Ground' cast which builds into the fishing 'Pendulum' casting technique.



With some of the most competitive rates around, our pricing structure is as follows;



2 hour session - £30


Chesil Beach

2 hour session (includes fishing after the session) - £50 


Beginner Package

For the complete novice, we provide a full day of casting and fishing instruction, which includes all the information you will need to enjoy your new sport. Please contact us for more information on this session. 

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